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Defend against debt collection with Guess Law. Your financial protection starts here. Serving Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Union, Passaic, & Morris counties.

Defense Against Debt Collection

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In a tough economy, it is not unusual for normal, hard-working people to fall behind on their bills. Unfortunately, it is also not unusual for debt collection firms to sue you at the drop of a hat. In fact, years can go by and out of nowhere, you get a letter in the mail telling you that you are being sued. Even worse, you could be facing:

The mistake that most make when dealing with debt collectors is that they get frightened and ignore mail and notices. The good news is that when it comes to dealing with debt collectors, you have options.

If you receive a notice in the mail that you are being sued, or even if you are in the middle of a lawsuit, please reach out and we’ll gladly discuss your case.

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